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No Greater Sin

I see quite often society as a whole commonly compare one another as if the *SIN OF ONE IS GREATER THAN THE OTHER*. Even IF the statement is partly true who are WE to judge someone? We all have made choices in life that some may in fact regret! In my eyes regret serves absolutely no value when you actually take the time out and think about deeply. 

  • Can we go back in time and change it?
  • Do we allow it to paralyze our  life today?

    Why focus on the “What If”? Instead of seeing the situation as a road map guide to follow through life.  I always felt that if you do not like the situation or problem why spend time on it when you could be writing a game plan to solve it? 

    I used to be the type of person who would focus on the problem instead of the solution to the dilemma. Now that I know nothing  positive can come from that type of mind frame I began to change it in hopes of a better testimony to speak into existence. Pity parties are not meant to last forever just like “Storms” are not meant to continue 24/7…the longer you dwell on something without putting any action behind, chances are the only person you should place blame on is yourself! Nothing will move unless you put pressure on it to do so!!! 


    One of the saddest moments in your life can actually work in your favor. Using myself as an example (since the only life I know inside and out is my own💬) Everyone is more than able to turn a horrible situation into a positive one even if the odds are not in your favor. Comparing yourself to someone is a waste…NO, seriously its a WASTE! I truly believe that the only person anyone should be in competition with is the person who stares back at him/or in the mirror. No one else should not matter at all if you know you are living correct in your mind. Opinions are extremely common but its up to YOU to determine if you will take it or not. IN LIFE YOU HAVE THE FINAL SAY! No sin is greater than the other & concentrate on your life only because the opinion of others have ZERO VALUE! FOCUS ON YOUR OWN WELLBEING & CARELESS ABOUT THE NOISE AROUND YOURSELF.

    This is something I had to work tirelessly on especially when you +DEPRESSION WITH A CUP FULL OF ANXIETY the opinion of others around me who never dealt firsthand with some of the things I have…it seems as if this would a simple fix🙉!
     I MOST CERTAINLY THINK NOT! At first I would become a mess and then here comes the ANGER mix with ANXIETY AS WELL  SEVERE DEPRESSION. Only when I started isolating myself in order to think before I would respond in anger which could be taken as I have intense “anger problem”. (This is something that happened all throughout my life.) In order for myself to have others think differently I had to fix my demeanor. In reality I have a humongous heart & would help anyone that needs it *Including my “so call worst enemies”* because everyone wants to feel they are loved and have at least ONE PERSON on this earth cares 🌎. So I try to always be that ONE…This is where *PAY IT FORWARD* comes in play (THE MOTTO I STRONGLY LIVE EACH & EVERYDAY BY). 

    *SIDEBAR* Can you imagine how less cold the world would be if society as a whole would “PAY IT FORWARD”. It can be a small gesture for example…

    • Holding the door open for the person in behind you✅
    • Pulling the chair out for someone✅
    • Picking up something that a  complete stranger dropped✅
    • Giving change to someone who is searching for it & you have some to spare✅ (pennies, dimes, nickels, quarters,  or maybe even bills)
    • Compliments as well✅
    • Do not pass judgement✅

    One small gesture can affect someone in a positive way because we do not know what he/she is going through personally in their life. As someone who has battle Depression all throughout my life and I know firsthand how loneliness feels! If it wasn’t for the individuals that motivated & guided me through, who knows where I would be at this present moment?  

    *Some individuals I still communicate with or the individuals that I lost touch with.* All in all I’m thankful and now it’s my time to return the favor and “PAY IT FORWARD”.

    11 thoughts on “No Greater Sin”

    1. Nice post, one day I too suddenly realized that I hadn’t been paying it forward and needed to start right-quick 🙂 And you are right – it’s the small gestures that, to a stranger, can be unexpected and with so much gratitude it can be overwhelming. Keep up your good work on *Not Easily Broken* !

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