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How do you define *GROWTH*? Do you define *GROWTH* by age or do you define it by walking away from someone or certain situations that is toxic to your wellbeing? To me GROWTH is similar to MATURITY both has absolutely no connection to your physical age...each is brought on by experiences & the way we… Continue reading 🌱GROWTH🌱

Let's Talk


Listening to others is absolutely no problem for me because everyone wants someone who will not speak BUT TAKE THE TIME TO JUST BE THERE AND LISTEN *no judgement will be given* because I was taught that 💡EVERY SAINT HAS A PAST & EVERY SINNER HAS A FUTURE💡So...who am I to past judgement on another… Continue reading ❤OLD SOUL AT HEART❤

Let's Talk

Let’s Have A Serious Conversation

Do you prefer LOYALTY vs. INTEGRITY 💁? The common choice to many would be LOYALTY and in fact their is absolutely no "RIGHT" or "CORRECT" answer for this particular question. 💡I have learned through life as well as maturity that it is absolutely normal to share different opinions with someone because naturally some may have… Continue reading Let’s Have A Serious Conversation

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What Hurts The Most

Which pain hurts the most EMOTIONAL PAIN OR PHYSICAL PAIN? This is a question I find myself wondering about at different moments throughout the day because I have had my share of BOTH and because of that FACT my opinion sides with EMOTIONAL PAIN. Reason being I have heard on many cases from women who… Continue reading What Hurts The Most

Monday-Sunday Inspiration, Story Time, VENTING

When You Think It’s Over…BUCKLE UP!

I am highly disappointed in myself for just stumbling on this REMARKABLE REAL LIFE STORY UNTIL NOW! Even though I am now just stumbling on I actually seeing it as one of my *SIGNS* and I am very blessed because of it. One of the most difficult feeling is when someone feels as if NO… Continue reading When You Think It’s Over…BUCKLE UP!

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💽A FEW SONGS OFF MY PLAYLIST https://youtu.be/mk48xRzuNvA  The Script ft. Will I A.M "HALL OF FAME" https://youtu.be/WIm1GgfRz6M The Script "SUPERHEROS" https://youtu.be/N_lrrq_opng MercyMe "I CAN ONLY IMAGINE" https://youtu.be/m36xv75MJ4U Carrie Underwood "ALL AROUND-AMERICAN GIRL  https://youtu.be/Xn676-fLq7I Kelly Clarkson "STRONGER (WHAT DOESN'T KILL YOU)" https://youtu.be/tuKvUKSFDq0 India Arie "BREAK THE SHELL" https://youtu.be/jxuJ3jy0Hck India Arie "THIS TOO SHALL PASS" https://youtu.be/FREXte0wwqM Ledisi… Continue reading MY PLAYLIST