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Remember Domestic Violence Victors

Domestic violence doesn't have a specific look or gender it can happen to anyone and is completely draining mentally and physically. Don't allow anyone to shame you for how long you stayed in it and continue being proud of yourself for finally getting out when you did. Mrs. Right or Mr. Right is patiently waiting… Continue reading Remember Domestic Violence Victors

Monday-Sunday Inspiration

Rough Waters

We were created to be able to withstand the toughest and roughest waters. When I said "WE" that also includes yourself also. Your strength to withstand the toughest of waters was automatically given to you from the beginning and cannot be taken away by anyone. At times when things are coming at me in every… Continue reading Rough Waters

Monday-Sunday Inspiration


.Straight To The Point. 👇 Remember to not only be INSPIRED but STAY INSPIRED as well. The drive you first have should never dull down even for one second. Let your drive accelerate you to the overall goal you are working diligently to achieve. Stay Inspired the entire time even after you have succeeded because… Continue reading Inspire

Monday-Sunday Inspiration

Uncover The Beauty In Your Scars

PHYSICAL âś’The stretch marks that come from a mother carrying a baby or several...The stretch marks that come from losing weight...The physical scars left behind after a episode of self-harm...Scars left behind a minor or major surgery...Scars left behind injuriesâś’ Some scars are not physically seen but still have the ability to hurt even worst… Continue reading Uncover The Beauty In Your Scars

Monday-Sunday Inspiration

Never Alone *short & sweet*

Good night everyone, I hope you had a amazing weekend because the start of weekday is swiftly approaching whether we are ready for it or not. If you are not ready you better start the process because its coming! I read a post a few days and listened to a wonderful song that was embedded… Continue reading Never Alone *short & sweet*