Let's Talk, Monday-Sunday Inspiration

Let’s Talk

Who wouldn't want to be a real life Super Hero totally prepared to swoop right down and save the day? Sounds unrealistic? What if I told you the key points to make your unrealistic dream into REALITY? I have discovered lately that even with MYSELF I actually stop my own progress with thinking negative about… Continue reading Let’s Talk

Let's Talk, Monday-Sunday Inspiration

Work In Your Own Favor

On many different occasions some may feel as if LIFE owes you everything while YOU owe yourself nothing. By nothing I am referring to the mindset of wanting action but not putting work behind it. Everything in life requires some amount of WORK behind it. Can a toddler walk perfectly on his/or her first attempt?… Continue reading Work In Your Own Favor

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What is holding you hostage in life? What is preventing you from enjoying life to the fullest? Physical hostage is the norm but despite what society thinks...YOU CAN BE HELD HOSTAGE EMOTIONALLY AS WELL. For example *DEPRESSION*!!! 🔒YOU BECOME ANTISOCIAL🔒 🔒SEE EVERYONE AROUND YOU AS A THREAT BECAUSE IT HAS TRICKED YOUR MIND INTO THINKING… Continue reading Hostage

Monday-Sunday Inspiration

For Everyone…

FOR EVERYONE who are walking around as if you didn't cry yourself asleep the night before... For everyone who is going to work as if you have absolutely no problems to the ones around you... FOR EVERYONE who has to fake a smile when you honestly just  want to curl up in a corner somewhere...… Continue reading For Everyone…


The Unique Blogger Award

THANK YOU SO MUCH Scarlettsbpdcorner for the nomination I am beyond grateful for it. She is a new blogger who speaks out about her Mental Health journey which I am extremely proud that she is letting her voice out by her creating this wonderful BLOG!   SHE HAS MANY DIFFERENT TALENTS PLEASE CHECK OUT HER PAGE👆 My Three… Continue reading The Unique Blogger Award

Monday-Sunday Inspiration

Ask yourself…Who Am I?

This is a question I constantly ask myself because sometimes as a individual struggling through life WE find ourselves at a crossroad seeking validation from EVERYONE but OURSELVES. I cannot tell you how many times this question comes up on a daily basis with me as well as others. I have seen woman who craves validation… Continue reading Ask yourself…Who Am I?