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Tunnel Vision

When you are on a mission, what do you see? Do you see your surroundings? Do you only see your destination and nothing else? Sometimes I have to sit back and evaluate my life when I see how much I find myself in the same situations as before. WHAT ON EARTH AM I DOING WRONG… Continue reading Tunnel Vision

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Crying Is Not A Sign Of Weakness

Yesterday was very draining mentally, physically, and emotionally because no matter how upbeat I was my surroundings were so negative. I am the type of indivual who used to display everything on my face and say however I am feeling. My filter in the past did not at all exist back then but maturity helped… Continue reading Crying Is Not A Sign Of Weakness

Monday-Sunday Inspiration

Liebster Award

03/01/2017 This morning I received notification for a new comment which informed me of being nominated by the thoughtful GailLovesGod. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the nomination as well as speaking out about mental illness. So many people in today's society are suffering from it silently thinking no one cares when… Continue reading Liebster Award

Monday-Sunday Inspiration

Speak To My Soul

Every now again everyone find a particular song that speaks to their soul. While flipping through YouTube I came across a interview from LECRAE a gospel rapper who was speaking on his battle with his faith...He also spoke on why his faith is still intact stronger than before. Due to the fact I could relate… Continue reading Speak To My Soul

Monday-Sunday Inspiration

Motivational Monday

With Monday quickly coming around the corner, I felt like myself as well as others need some motivation in order to start it off with a positive mindset...Hope this will give others a push in the right direction🌞👍💪 In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can...Nikos Kazantzakis Nothing can be done without… Continue reading Motivational Monday


One Step At A Time

The biggest mile stone of my journey has to be walking past infants or toddlers without any tears running down my face. I can now be happy for my friends who are pregnant without secretly being jealous of their new parenthood. Having that negativity, jealousy, and evil inside only made me disgusting inside as well… Continue reading One Step At A Time